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17 Crazy Archer Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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Archer is one of the funniest animated shows on television and deserves every bit of fandom it gets. With that fandom comes a big following of people who don't just watch the show, but have some pretty good ideas about its secrets. Theories like the mystery of Archer's father, if he even has one, and the world of the show (did Kennedy ever get shot?) have been addressed by fans on Reddit and elsewhere. Thanks to these diligent fans, there are lots of theories about Archer that just might explain everything.

Below you will find some of the best Archer fan theories to consider and debunk. You'll have to decide for yourself which ones could be validated in future seasons of the show and which ones don't hold up. If you want more entertainment to theorize and obssess over, you can also check out more shows like Archer.

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    Archer Takes Place in a World Where JFK Was Never Shot

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    Archer fan Dan Whitley shared this theory on his blog that argues the show takes place in a world where John F. Kennedy didn't die and served eight years as President of the United States. He goes on to further explain why the show has such anachronistic elements, such as old computers mixed in with cell phones along with the existence of agencies like ISIS and ODIN. The idea is basically that the Cold War never ended and it hindered some progress. 

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    Sterling Has Asperger's Syndrome

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    Redditor cif3141 believes Archer's behavior is due to Asperger's Syndrome. This not only explains Archer's inability to read certain social situations and emotional outbursts, but also Archer's hidden genius. Sterling is an avid reader, as you know since the show has lots of literary references, so this affliction can explain his literary memory. This can also explain Archer's highly efficient spying skills despite his lack of proficiency in other areas.

    That or he's just an assh*le. A very smart, proficient assh*le.

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    Krieger Is Archer's Best Friend

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    Wait, Dr. Krieger? The creepy scientist is Sterling's best friend? According to Redditor Stunsthename, the two are best pals and with good reason.

    Out of the entire cast, Archer is less antagonistic to Krieger than the others. That's because Krieger was responsible for the sweet spy car Archer got on his birthday and brought back Archer's dead wife, among other acts of kindness. While we don't always see them hanging out, Stunsthename argues that they probably get along quite well when they aren't at work.

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    Cheryl Is Crazy in Love with Archer

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    Ever wonder why Cheryl acts so crazy and why she works at ISIS despite being a billionaire? Redditor jerkinmylurkin knows why.

    Cheryl is crazy and in love with Sterling Archer. I mean, she slept with men Archer hates like Conway, Cyril, and Barry. Could it be Cheryl's twisted attempt at making Archer jealous? This could also be a reason why Cheryl is fascinated with including violent play during sex, since she knows Sterling is a killing machine. On top of that, during the show's silhouetted intro, Cheryl's silhouette is accompanied by a broken heart, indicating that it may have come from the show's namesake and protagonist. 

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