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All the Villains & Nemeses on Archer

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FX's smart-as-a-whip animated comedy Archer is full of some of the zingiest one-liners, raunchiest sex scenes, and longest running jokes on television. But beneath all that is the skeleton of classic spy stories that rival the staples of the espionage genre. That's where the villains come in. No matter how complicated or unrealistic their schemes are, they provide the backbone for the comedy that ensues. They motivate the plot so that the jokes have context. Without villains, Lana, Sterling, Cyril, Pam, Cheryl, Malory, Ray, and Dr. Krieger are goofballs without a cause.

Good guys are attracted to bad girls, they sometimes do bad things, and in the case of Sterling Archer, come from bad parents, but the bad thing that good guys need most badly is bad guys. 

Zip up your turtleneck and watch your phrasing for this trip in to the Danger Zone with a ranking of Archer's greatest nemeses, villains, scoundrels, and downright bad guys.
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    Barry Dylan

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    Barry began as an agent of ODIN, ISIS's primary rival, but after being dropped off of a balcony and a fire escape by Sterling Archer, he was resurrected as a schizophrenic cyborg. Working for the KGB, all of his missions were compromised by his burning desire to exact revenge on Archer. Though he's had his skin burned off and been marooned in space, Barry has managed to steal Archer's girlfriend twice, making him a most formidable foe.
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    Even though they're (usually) on the same side, Sterling Archer's greatest nemesis may be his abusive mother. The life of a former OSS agent and the head of ISIS didn't leave much time for little Sterling. Among other offenses, she can't or won't name his real father, held a funeral for a fake father, and for all intents and purposes, abandoned Archer to his boarding school when he was a child. His butler, Woodhouse, is the closest thing Archer ever had to a parental figure, and Sterling treats him like garbage.
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    Yet another one of Archer's foes comes from the side of the angels. In addition to being fixated on stealing away Lana's affections, Slater frequently leaves out mission details or designs unnecessarily dangerous operations to intentionally put Sterling Archer in harm's way. He also shot Archer with a beanbag gun on their first meeting.
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    San Marcan dictator Gustavo Calderón created three clones of ISIS's own Dr. Algernop Krieger. They hatched their own plan to deploy nerve gas in New York City, but were foiled by the original (bow-tie wearing) Krieger. The three neck-tied doppelgangers were killed with only the original surviving and suspiciously switching to neckties...
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