The Best Arizona Cardinals of All Time

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A list of the best Arizona Cardinals of all time. A charter member of the NFL, the Cardinals were originally based in Chicago when they first joined the league. The team spent 49 years in the Windy City before moving to St. Louis ahead of the 1960 season. Those early Cardinals teams features multiple Hall of Famers like Charley Trippi, Ernie Nevers and John "Paddy" Driscoll. The last Cardinals team to win a championship was based in Chicago, and the year was 1947.

The St. Louis Cardinals featured some great players as well. Dan Dierdorf is a Hall of Fame lineman who spent his entire 13 year career in St. Louis. The same goes for Hall of Fame tight end Jackie Smith and cornerback Roger Wehrli. These players were some of the best Cardinals in team history. Ottis Anderson is considered one of the greatest Cardinals ever. Though the team made the playoffs only once during his time with the team, Anderson still holds several team records.

The Cardinals are currently based in Phoenix, and are now called the Arizona Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald, the team's superstar receiver and one of the best receivers in football, is bound for Canton and in 2008, the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl behind Fitzgerald, quarterback Kurt Warner and receiver Anquan Boldin. These players are considered the best Cardinals ever.

This is the list of the best Arizona Cardinals of all time. If you see someone missing from this list, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list according to who you think is the greatest Arizona Cardinals player of all time.
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