The Best Country Singers From Arkansas

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Only country singers born or raised in Arkansas.

Here are the best country artists and country bands from Arkansas. As a southern state, Arkansas' music heritage consists of mostly country and related genres like rockabilly and bluegrass. Much of the music that has come out of the state over the years mainly incorporates banjo, fiddle, guitar, dulcimer, and mandolin into the melodies. There are plenty of country singers from Arkansas you may not be aware of, but now you can update your Arkansas music knowledge and learn some cool trivia. 

One of the most popular and respected country stars of all time, Johnny Cash, was born in Kingsland. Although he primarily embraced country music, his songs also included elements of rock and gospel. He wrote some of the greatest country hits of all time, including "Folsom Prison Blues" and "The Man in Black." Cash set the stage for many other popular country artists to make names for themselves outside of Arkansas. Singers like Kris Allen and Joe Nichols also got their start in the Bear State.

You can peruse this list of the most famous Arkansas country singers at your leisure to see which artists you like. You will find all kinds of country stars, young and old, right here. The power is in your hands to vote for the ones you like best. 


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