The 25 Best 'Armchair Expert' Episodes Yet

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Actor, writer, and director Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert is an insightful peek into the lives of our favorite entertainers. Along with his co-host Monica Padman, Shepard interviews a variety of celebrities and notable figures from his very own attic studio setup. With over 200 episodes, it's hard to listen to them all. Luckily, we compiled a list of the very best episodes of Armchair Expert to help you decide which ones to start with. 

You're bound to listen to the episodes that feature your favorite celebs, but sometimes the best Armchair Expert episodes feature a subject you're unfamiliar with. This Armchair Expert episode list highlights key subjects that bring their A-game to the mic. You'll laugh, maybe you'll cry, and often times, you'll learn something. The interviews are raw, real, and shockingly honest. There's no sugar-coating here, but that's what makes this podcast stand out from the rest. 

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    Episode 25 - "Dax's Mom (Laura Labo)"

    If you're gonna host a podcast with a new guest each week, one of those guests is bound to be your mom. Shepard's mom Laura hops on the mic for Episode 25, and it turns out to be a truly special episode. The two get candid about Shepard's upbringing, and they tell each other how much they love each other. Well, if that isn't adorable. On top of that, Shepards's mom reveals that he was a pretty ugly baby, which is definitely a tidbit that we're glad we know now. 

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  • Episode 35 - "Jason Bateman"
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    Actor/director Jason Bateman and Shepard are two peas in a pod. During Episode 35, the pair have quite a lot to talk about. They swap sobriety stories and reminisce on the days when they were both "scumbags". It's nice to hear two longtime friends learn more about each other, and as you listen you'll feel like you know them. This episode is a great example of how celebrities bring their guard down when they enter the attic. No pretense, just honesty. 

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    Episode 149 - "Monica Lewinsky"

    Episode 149 - "Monica Lewinsky"
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    There's no denying it — Monica Lewinsky is a big-ticket interview. Her episode is quite serious, as she explains to Shepard and Padman what it's like to be at the center of a national scandal. Lewinsky also goes into her past, revealing her past trauma and how it's shaped her over the years. The silver lining is that her experiences have allowed her to move forward with an anti-bullying platform, which she does through the Childhood Resilience Foundation. It's a life-affirming episode, as they discuss ways to rise above past devastation. 

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  • Episode 1 - "Kristen Bell"
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    Of course, Dax Shepard would make his wife, Kristen Bell, his first podcast guest. Shepard and the actress/singer have been married since 2013 and have two children together. The trademark of the couple's relationship is their ability to remain brutally honest about the struggles of marriage. And you can bet they brought that honesty straight to the studio. There's plenty of uncomfortable moments, but they remind us that Shepard and Bell are just normal humans. No filter needed. This was a bold first episode move, but its candidness really captures the energy of the show overall. 

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  • Episode 171 - "Ronan Farrow" 
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    The son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, Roanan Farrow is used to the spotlight. Attending college at age 11 and deferring law school until age 18, his child prodigy status has followed him throughout his adult life. Now a journalist, Farrow was instrumental in exposing the power abuse of certain men in Hollywood. In his episode of AEFarrow regales his experience growing up as one of ten siblings, along with being chased by Russian spies sent by Harvey Weinstein. Shepard wants Farrow to be his best friend. 

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  • Episode 33 - "Seth Rogen"
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    The prolific Seth Rogen joined Shepard for Episode 33 of AE, and it ended up being a great time for both of them. The two talk about working with their wives, weed, teenage stand-up, and more. Like Danny McBride, Rogen shares the belief that karate gave him a huge confidence boost growing up. Rogen's voice and perspective is so singular that it's probably fun to listen to him talk about anything. Overall, there's lots of laughs to be had here, which makes it worth a listen. 

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