The Greatest Army Movies Ever Made

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Feeling patriotic? Check out this list of best army movies that has been ranked by fans of army films. All of the top army movies are on this list are all good, but if you believe that your favorite army movies are not high enough on the list, be sure ot vote them up. Good army movies give civilians a taste of what our soldiers go through in battle and throughout their daily lives. While not all of these films feature war, they all use the army as a central theme and feature some of the best soldier moves ever depicted on film. You might also be interested in Vietnam War movies and World War I films

Featuring war movies, movies about soldiers, and military films, this list of the greatest army movies includes Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Apocalypse Now

What are the best military movies? The best soldier movies create an emotional connection with the characters and depict exciting army action. Movies on this army movies list depict all time frames from recent, modern militaries to the armies of the past. If you're interested in the army, then these are the movies for you.

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