The Best Arsenal Players Of All Time

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For as long as they've been around, Arsenal has been one of the most important clubs in English football. Since the club's formation in 1886, the North London club has had some of the most popular players in league history to round out its squad. Since Arsene Wenger became the club's manager in 1996, it has enjoyed a period of constant success that can rightfully be called one of the team's glory period. Wenger has brought in top-notch talent, including two of the greatest Gooners in history. No one will doubt that Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp, two members of the legendary "Invincibles" squad of the 2003-04 season that went undefeated, are club icons. Many of the team's best players have played for Wenger, whether forwards and strikers or midfielders and defenders, or anyone else on the roster.

Who are the greatest players in Arsenal history? Before Wenger, two of the greatest players in Arsenal history are Tony Adams and Ian Wright. Both these Arsenal legends were featured as part of the legendary 1989 First Division winners, that was the subject of Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch. The best and most memorable Arsenal players were a part of their championship squads, which there are plenty of.

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