The Best Subscription Boxes for Arts and Crafts

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If you're looking for a way to guarantee yourself time each month to explore your creative side, then these arts and crafts subscription boxes are a great place to start. Here you'll find a collection of unique arts and crafts monthly crates that will ship you a box full of items each month dedicated to your inner artist, no matter what your favorite medium. From beginners to advanced level artists and hobbiests, these bundles are a great way to save time and money on your favorite hobby. 

Whether you're into art, beading, knitting, or paper crafts, these arts and crafts crates have got something for everyone. Packed full of supplies and easy to follow instructions, arts and crafts subscriptions make great gifts for yourself or a treasured creative in your life.

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  • Make all those cool Pinterest projects you've been pinning for years a reality with a bi-monthly box from The Hippy Hobby. They ship you crates full of everything you need to make a cool DIY craft, complete with detailed instructions. They also try to incorporate recycled, upcycled, and natural elements in every crate, hence the hippie theme. 

    • $23.95/ month


  • Home Made Luxe
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    Home Made Luxe is Pinterest delivered to your doorstep! Every month we send you everything you need to make a gorgeous home decor project, which was designed by a DIY Blogger. Every curated box contains all the crafty materials you need to DIY your project, detailed step by step instructions, video instructions, a pinterest worthy recipe and a small bonus craft or crafty freebie.

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    Get sketchy with Sketch Box, a monthly box aimed at not only empowering artists but also helping them get exposure for their work. Each month you'll receive 4-6 high quality art supplies and and an inspirational art piece made with them by a featured artist. They also have a series of how to videos to help teach you learn how to use the materials you get. 

    • Basic- $25+ $5 S&H/ month
    • Premium- $25+ $5 S&H/ month


  • Smart Art Box
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    Keep your inner artist well inspired with a new box full of 6-8 full sized, high quality art supplies each month. Each crate comes with a step-by-step project and pamphlet about a new medium to keep your creative gears going.

    • From $ 49.95/month
  • If you love making your own jewelry then this is an awesome way to save money and keep your beads fully stocked. Each month you'll get $40 worth of beads and jewelry supplies focused on a unique monthly theme.

    • $15.95/ month
  • If you love learning new skills and exploring unique creative pursuits, this is a really cool box to check out. Each month they'll send you the tools needed to explore a new hobby centered around anything from art to survival to electronics. Past boxes were themed around things like soap making, lock picking, indoor gardening, crocheting, and more.

    • $29.99/month
    • Discounts available for prepay plans