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List of top Asian cities to visit. What are the most visited Asian cities? This list ranks the most popular Asian cities to see. From China to India, Thailand and Japan, Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent with many important cultural and financial centers in the world. There are many places of attraction in Asia, but what are the best destinations in Asia? 

Asia has much to offer, from beaches and villages off the beaten path to spiraling cities and bustling tourist attractions. The complexity and expansive size of the continent makes Asia one of the most fascinating places on Earth. Though the larger cities often see the most tourism, there are also many budget-friendly cities to visit in Asia. Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city, offers some of the most affordable -- and delicious -- dining in Asia. Thailand is also gaining popularity among Westerners looking for an affordable adventure. Backpackers flock to Chiang Mai's night markets and low key bars, while tourists delight in the shopping mecca that is Bangkok. 

While aggressive city life is part of the fabric of many major Asian cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul, other visitors flock to the tranquil beaches and sleepy towns that dot the entire continent. In the countryside, tourists can find quiet villages with rice farms stretching for miles. 

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  • Tokyo
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  • Kyoto
    164 votes


    Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Osaka
    149 votes
    Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Singapore
    163 votes
  • Seoul
    169 votes
  • Sapporo
    25 votes
    Hokkaido, Japan