The Best Asian Countries to Visit

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List of the best Asian countries to visit, as ranked by world travelers, avid tourists, and Asian culture experts. Any fan of Asian culture has always dreamed of the day when they could explore the interesting cities and taste the exotic cuisine of their favorite Asian countries. Over the past few decades many Asian countries have become extremely welcoming to tourists, with many hot spots specifically designed with adventurous travelers in mind. Countries like Singapore and Japan are often home to business people from all over the world, so there are many English speaking natives who are accommodating to travelers. This list answers the question, “What are the best Asian countries for travelers?”

The countries on this list are the best that Asia has to offer for visitors. Cities like Bangkok encompass everything a tourist could want, including golden palaces, historical temples, and shopping centers filled with all the culture you could ever want. Tokyo, Japan is the Mecca for pop culture lovers around the world. China has the best food that any fan of Asian culture could ever dream of trying. So now you know where to go in Asia.

No matter why you want to travel to Asia, the countries on this list have just what you need. With friendly natives, fun activities, and glorious sights, there’s nothing more you can ask for in a vacation.

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