The 30+ Best Superheroes You Didn't Know Were Asian

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Asian superheroes that appear in comic books.

Asian superheroes have played important parts in mainstream comics, but we still have a long way to go until they receive the representation they deserve.  The best Asian heroes are the ones that don't conform to their stereotypes and become iconic because of their personalities, unique powers, and ability to capture the imagination of the audience. 

The X-Men comics have also been a source for amazing Asian superheroes. The most widely known is Jubilee, loved for her long yellow trench coat and ability to fire energy bursts from her hands. She spent time as Wolverine's partner, and the two forged a close friendship. She ended up becoming a famous member of the organization that fans still clamor to see done justice on the big screen. Later, Wolverine would get another side kick in the form of Armor, an Asian girl who could create a powerful telekinetic field of armor around her body. Since her debut, Armor has also become a valued member of the X-Men both with authors and with the fans themselves. Other notable Asian X-Men include Xorn, Sway, Sunfire, Karma, and Red Lotus.

One of the biggest changes to the status quo in the Marvel Universe was that the mantle of the Hulk was passed from Bruce Banner to Amadeus Cho, a young genius on the run. It helped revitalize the comic and introduced new story lines to be drawn on for years to come. Still, even with these important characters in the spotlight more can be done. There are plenty of stereotypes to move past and brick walls to smash in the quest to get even more Asian characters onto the pages of comics. But if you have a few favorite Asian superheroes below, give them an up vote and let your voice be heard!

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