The Best ASMR Eating Channels On YouTube

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If eating sounds is one of your ASMR triggers, then you'll enjoy watching these ASMR eating YouTubers. Featuring lip smacking, chewing, drinking, slurping, and biting crunchy foods, this list of popular ASMR content creators also includes the best mukbang channels. Who makes the best ASMR eating videos on YouTube?

When ranking the top ASMR eating channels, SAS-ASMR, Solfrid ASMR, and ASMRTheChew are in the top 10. Other good ASMR mukbang channels include Cloveress, HyuneeEats, Hungry Cakes, suellASMR, Pokimane, and SassEsnacks.

Vote up the best ASMR eating channels, and feel free to add your favorite ASMRtists who are known for their eating videos. 

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  • Zach Choi ASMR

    Zach Choi ASMR

    316 votes
  • Eat With Boki

    Eat With Boki

    131 votes
  • Crunchy ASMR

    Crunchy ASMR

    293 votes
  • N.E Let's Eat

    N.E Let's Eat

    338 votes
    N.E Lets Eat is a combined mukbang and ASMR channel featuring mom Sissi (born August 19, 1984) and her daughter Emma (born January 30, 2013) and son Nicholas (born May 23, 2008). Their video "ASMR [ ...more
  • suellASMR
    223 votes
    suellASMR (born December 5, 1982) is a YouTube content creator who has become extremely popular for her blend of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and mukbang (eating show) videos. Her ...more
  • April's ASMR

    April's ASMR

    128 votes

    April is a YouTube and Instagram content creator known for her food/eating ASMR videos.