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Celebrities Who Made ASMR Videos

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As autonomous sensory meridian response media (ASMR) becomes increasingly popular, it's no surprise there are many ASMR videos featuring celebrities. In a noisy world, ASMR videos provide soothing sounds meant to relax the mind and even generate pleasant physical sensations. From W Magazine, Miu Miu, and more, such videos are often made even better by a celebrity cameo. Whether your ASMR triggers are whispering, eating sounds, popping, or tapping, this list of celebs who did ASMR is guaranteed to give you tingles.

Actors and actresses who did ASMR videos opted to whisper throughout, helping to sooth listeners with a calming tone. If you're having a stressful week, it can help to listen to Jake Gyllenhaal pop bubble wrap or Kate Hudson stroke mesh fabric. Other celebs who made ASMR videos include Dakota Fanning, Margot Robbie, and Eva Longoria.

Listen to some of the videos below to unwind and relax. Then, vote the best celebrity ASMR videos to the top of the list!