The Best Assassin Manga of All Time

For those looking for manga about assassins or mercenaries, you've come to the right place. This list ranks the best assassin manga of all time, as voted on by manga readers like you. With so many popular manga featuring assassins, it's no surprise that "assassin" has basically become a genre for both anime and manga. Some of these titles might also blend other genres; for example Basilisk is a ninja anime as well a good assassin anime. This list features both old and new assassin manga titles, so vote up your favorites regardless of their age.

If you're new to the assassin genre in manga, then some good jumping off points include CAT, Golgo 13, and Gunslinger Girl. On the other hand if you've already read many of these titles, please vote up the assassin manga that you would recommend to other readers. You can also give something a downvote if you've read it and didn't like it.
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