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The Best Astronaut Autobiographies

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List RulesAutobiographies written by astronauts about their time in space only. But you should also read Rocketman, written by Pete Conrad's wife.

Going to space is probably pretty life-changing, so it's really no surprise that a bunch of NASA astronauts have written autobiographies and books about their time in space. Where should you start if you're interested in space travel and want to read an astronaut autobiography? The books by astronauts on this list are just the best and are all fun reads for anyone with even a passing interest in outer space. Which should be everyone, because what an amazing place full of mystery.

These astronaut autobiographies are full of stories and details about what happened to these incredible scientist explorers during their time off the planet we all call home. Some of them were pioneers in the early days of NASA, some of them went to the moon, some of them got out an walked around when they got there, and some of them almost didn't make it home. However, they all returned to Earth with fascinating stories to tell and unique perspectives on life and the universe that all humans can benefit from reading about.

Some of these books written by astronauts are easily the best biography books around. Go ahead and read The Last Man on the Moon and try to not get both teary-eyed and amped up about the future of space exploration. After you've read these NASA books and upvoted the best of them below, give these autobiographies of astronauts to your kids, your friends, your mom, and just about anyone you know. You (and they) won't regret it.
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