The Best Athlete Biopics

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There are many biopics that have been made about athletes and the world of sports. What are the best sports biopic movies? This list includes titles such as A League of their Own, Chariots of Fire, Brian’s Song and Cinderella Man. Men and women have voted on the films below to rank the best sports biopics.

Movies have the ability to make us feel. They make us want to believe, be inspired, and live vicariously through the stories we see on screen. Sports have the ability to to the same and often we are enchanted about the lives of our sports heroes. Movies that tell the story of Ernie James, Jake Lamotta, Muhammed Ali, and James Braddock are all incredibly fascinating, tumultuous, and inspiring.

It is with a peek into the lives of these individuals that we can understand their motives and drives that helped them become the greatest of their time. By understanding sport’s greatest, we will hopefully take some of that inspiration into our own lives. These movies vary in their genre but they all equally fascinating.

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