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The Best Athletes Who Wore #0

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List RulesOnly athletes who wore 0 or 00 for at least one professional season

The top athletes who wore 0 as their jersey tried to prove that their performances would be the opposite of their number. It is a bold move to choose zero, but it is a fun number that makes an athlete stand out with ease at first glance. Athletes in various sports like football, basketball, hockey and baseball have all worn the 0 on their back with pride. 

Players like Robert Parish and Damian Lillard have helped make the 0 cool in the NBA, while Carmelo Anthony has agreed to wear the #00 with the Trail Blazers. Jim Otto in the NFL and Jack Clark in MLB join NHL stars like Neil Sheehy and John Davidson in wearing the famous 0 on their jerseys. Meanwhile, in the soccer world, Hicham Zerouali became synonymous with the number, to the point that it became his nickname.

So vote up the best overall athletes to find success while wearing the jersey number 0 or 00. Each player had his own way of impacting the sport, but only the top ones deserve to rank high. Help us decide the best of all the athletes to wear 0 as their official jersey number.

  • League: NBA
    Years active: 2012-present
    Stats: 549 games played, 23.5 points per game, 6.3 assists, 4.2 rebounds, 1.0 steals

    Career Highlights

    • 4× NBA All-Star (2014, 2015, 2018, 2019)
    • All-NBA First Team (2018)
    • 2× All-NBA Second Team (2016, 2019)
    • All-NBA Third Team (2014)
    • NBA Rookie of the Year (2013)
    • NBA All-Rookie First Team (2013)
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  • Photo: Washington Wizards / Instagram

    League: NBA
    Years active: 2008-Present
    Stats: 821 games played, 23.0 points per games, 8.4 assists, 7.0 rebounds, 1.8 steals

    Career Highlights

    • NBA Most Valuable Player (2017)
    • 8× NBA All-Star (2011–2013, 2015–2019)
    • 2× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2015, 2016)
    • 2× All-NBA First Team (2016, 2017)
    • 5× All-NBA Second Team (2011–2013, 2015, 2018)
    • All-NBA Third Team (2019)
    • 2× NBA scoring champion (2015, 2017)
    • 2× NBA assists leader (2018, 2019)
    • NBA All-Rookie First Team (2009)
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  • League: NBA
    Years active: 2003-present

    Career highlights
    10x NBA All-Star
    2013 NBA scoring champion
    2004 All-Rookie first team
    3x Olympic gold medalist

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  • League: NBA
    Years active: 1976-1997
    Stats: 1,611 games played (NBA record), 14.5 points per game, 9.1 rebounds per game

    Career highlights
    Basketball Hall of Fame (2003)
    9x NBA All-Star (1981-1987, 1990-1991)
    4x NBA champion (1981, 1984, 1986, 1997)
    No. 00 retired by Boston Celtics

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