The Best Athletes Who Wore #1

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The list of famous athletes who wore 1 as their jersey number showcases greatness across all sports. Many incredible players wanted to showcase they were the No. 1 player in their respective sport by wearing the number on their uniform. 

Some of the premier NFL players with the No. 1 jersey include legendary quarterback Warren Moon and current football star Cam Newton. Meanwhile, names like Oscar Robertson, Tracy McGrady, and Kemba Walker are among the top basketball players who wore 1 on their uniforms. Baseball and hockey also have strong representation for this jersey number in the history of the NHL and MLB. 

So check out the list of athletes who wore 1 and help decide who deserves to rank the highest for wearing this iconic jersey number. Vote up your favorite athletes to wear the number 1, then head over and check out some other iconic jersey numbers, including the best players to wear No. 11.