The Best Athletes Who Wore #3

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The best players to wear 3 as their jersey number includes a hit list of legendary athletes. Players from all sports leagues have made an impact with the popular #3 on their jerseys. Each athlete hoped to make his own legacy to stand the test of time in his respective league. 

NBA superstars like Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson, and Chris Paul dominated the NBA while sporting the 3 on their backs. Babe Ruth and Ken Griffey Jr. are among the Hall of Fame MLB players who wore numer 3 during their iconic careers. NFL and NHL fans have strong associations with the number for some of the most famous names in their sports with players like Russell Wilson and Pierre Pilote. 

So check out the list of athletes who wore 3 and help decide who deserves to rank the highest for wearing this iconic jersey number. Vote up your favorite athletes to wear the number 3, then head over and check out some other iconic jersey numbers, including the best players to wear No. 25.