The Best Athletes Who Wore #81

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Only athletes who wore 81 for at least one professional season

The best players to wear 81 as their jersey numbers are sprinkled across all major sports. It has been a popular jersey number for decades with success of athletes across the board. Top NFL players with number 81 jerseys include Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, all Hall of Fame-level players whose career highlights are among the greatest moments in football history

Surprisingly, not many basketball stars have worn the number 81 in the NBA. In contrast, baseball and hockey offer quite a few superstars, like Eddie Guardado and Phil Kessel, rocking the number in MLB and NHL history, respectively.

Check out the list of famous athletes who wore 81 and help decide who deserves to rank the highest for wearing this iconic jersey number. Vote up your favorite athletes to wear the number 81.

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    League: NFL 

    Years Active: 1998-2012

    Career Highlights: 6x Pro Bowl, 4x First-Team All-Pro, NF Offensive Rookie of the Year,  5x NFL Receiving TD Leader, NFL All-Decade Team, NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team, NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Vikings Ring of Honor 

    • Team: Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers
    • Position: Wide receiver
  • Terrell Owens
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    75 VOTES

    League: NFL 

    Years Active: 1996-2010

    Career Highlights: 6x Pro Bowl, 5x First-Team All-Pro, 3x Receiving TD Leader, NFL All-Decade Second Team, 49ers Hall of Famer 

    • Team: San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals
    • Position: Wide receiver
  • Tim Brown
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    37 VOTES

    League: NFL

    Years Active: 1988-2004 

    Career Highlights: 9x Pro Bowl, 2x First-Team All-Pro, 2x Second-Team All-Pro, Receptions Leader, NFL All-Decade Team

    • Team: Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneeres
    • Position: Wide receiver
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    League: NFL 

    Years Active: 1999-2009

    Career Highlights: Super Bowl Champion (St. Louis Rams), 7x Pro Bowl, First-Team All-Pro, Second-Team All-Pro, Receptions Leader, 2x Receiving Yards Leader, NFL All-Decade Team 

    • Team: St. Louis Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Position: Wide Reciever