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The Best Atlanta Braves Managers of All Time

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With so many Atlanta Braves managers to choose from, it can be tough to figure out who is the best Atlanta Braves manager of all time. That's why this list ranks every Atlanta Braves manager from best to worst based on user votes. Vote up your top Atlanta Braves coaches, keeping in mind all the stats and important qualities that make for a great baseball skipper.

George Stallings was the first Braves manager to make it to the postseason and win a World Series, which his team did in 1914. Later, Bobby Cox managed the Braves from 1990 to 2010, taking the team to the postseason 15 times, winning a World Series, and landing on the list of the best MLB coaches ever.

So it's time to answer: Who is the greatest Atlanta Braves manager of all time? Vote up the best and winningest Atlanta Braves managers. You can also downvote any skipper that you think held the team back and you can rerank the whole list to create your definitive version!