The Best Atlanta Hawks of All Time

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Who are the best Atlanta Hawks of all time? The Atlanta Hawks began as the Buffalo Bison in 1946. After bouncing around and changing names a few times, before landing in St. Louis in 1955. Those years in St. Louis featured a number of the greatest players in Hawks history. Hall of Famer Bob Pettit was the star of those Hawks teams of the late '50s and the Hawks captured the franchise's only title in 1958 behind their all star forward. 

The team moved to Atlanta in 1968 where it has remained since. a handful of all stars and even Hall of Famers played for the Hawks during its time in Atlanta. However, despite having a number of great players, the Hawks have never advanced past the second round of the playoffs in the Atlanta era. Dominique Wilkins led some of the entertaining Atlanta teams in the 1980s. Wilkins is one of the most popular players in Hawks history, and one if its best. The high flying Wilkins was a prolific scorer and multiple time slam dunk champion. Doc Rivers, Tree Rollins and Spud Webb are other players who are considered some of the best Hawks ever and some of the best players of all time. The Joe Johnson, Al Horford, and Josh Smith core were all star players who have led the Hawks and were some of the best players of 2010s. More recently, Trae Young, Clint Capela, and John Collins led Atlanta to the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals. 

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