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Atlanta is a brilliant chapter in modern TV history, and we're lucky to be living in a world where Donald Glover's masterpiece exists. With its unique blend of comedy, drama, emotion, and a heavy dose of surrealism, it's impossible to guess what FX's Atlanta will be week-to-week, but you can guarantee it'll be amazing. And among all that amazingness sits Atlanta's best quotes, which are generally great words to live .

From Earn's deadpan quips, to Darius' words of wisdom, to whatever the madness Teddy Perkins spits out of his mouth, the quotability of Atlanta is off the charts. Like any great rap, Atlanta is full of gems just waiting to be picked apart, so let's get to it and rank the best quotes from Atlanta.

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Van Does Everything

Earn: Van does everything. She works, she raises our child, she’s smarter than me, better than me. I mean, that’s why I married her. She honestly doesn’t get the credit she deserves. I mean, ever. But that doesn’t deter her from being what she is, which is a mother, a provider, and a partner. Gun to my head, I don’t think I could even look at another woman.

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A Good Time

Darius: Every now and again, people just want to have a good time.

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Genghis Khan

Darius: Chinese people are short ’cause of Genghis Khan.

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Caitlyn Jenner

Alfred 'Paper Boi' Miles: It’s hard for me to care about this when nobody cares about me as a black human man, you feel me? Like, Caitlyn Jenner is just doing what rich white men been doing since the dawn of time, which is whatever the hell he want. So why should I care? What make him so special?

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