WATCH Australian Slang You've Probably Never Heard  

Mick Jacobs

Thanks to figures like the dearly departed Steve Irwin, most people are familiar with Aussie slang such as "mate" and "crikey." However, those terms only scratch the surface of Aussie slang, which is much more fascinating than you might realize. The video below tackles the obscure Australian lingo you never knew.

You likely already know "mate" stands for "friend" and "crikey" is just "yikes" but rearranged (and with a few letters swapped out). But there are countless other funny and fascinating Aussie terms that are worth your time.

Not only are these terms quite delightful, they'll also help you better acclimate should you ever visit Australia and its wonderful people. Plus, don't you want to know their slang term for kangaroos?

They might speak English down there, but it's quite a different English than the one spoken in America or even the UK. Watch the video below to learn what the lingo is like Down Under.