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The 19 Greatest Female Characters In 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

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Alright ladies, now let's get in formation... and celebrate the incredibly dope women that appear in Avatar: The Last AirbenderAvatar: The Last Airbender (A:TLA) premiered in 2005 on Nickelodeon and has been an inspiration to every animation project that followed it. It normalized multi-dimensional female characters in animation that aren't helpless, aren't strictly love interests and, oftentimes, more powerful than the lead character of their respective series, in this case, an airbender named Aang.

Who are the best female characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender? That depends on you, dear reader. If you like calculating, brilliant, showstopping, one-of-a-kind villains, Azula might be your queen. But if you prefer the lawful good energy of Katara, or the chaotic hilarity that Toph brings to the group (in addition to inventing metalbending),  you better make your voice heard. 

Regardless of individual taste, all of these ladies are amazing. Vote up all your favorite female characters from Avatar so readers can see who fans love the most.


  • Toph is a blind, pit fighting earthbender that not only teaches Aang one of his most utilized bending forms, but goes on to save countless lives during the finale of the series by taking out over a dozen Fire Nation airships via metalbending. Often underestimated, Toph Beifong is a force to be reckoned with.

    Voice actor: Jessie Flower

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  • The heart of the series, Katara is compassionate and loyal to her friends and family, on top of being a master waterbender. Born in the Southern Water Tribe, Katara was the last remaining waterbender in her village before she set out on her journey with the newly discovered Avatar, Aang, who she freed from an iceberg after yelling at her brother after some misogynistic comments.

    Voice actor: Mae Whitman

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  • Azula is the princess of the Fire Nation and sister to Prince Zuko. Described as a firebending prodigy, Azula is one of the most deadly characters in Avatar. Calculated, terrifying, and flawed, Azula's arc over the course of the series is one of the best written character journeys across any television series.

    Voice actor: Grey DeLisle

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  • Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, Suki is a skilled fighter who joins the larger war effort after meeting Team Avatar in the first season. She is imprisoned after a confrontation with Azula while saving Appa and is instrumental in the final arc of the series along with Sokka and Toph. She is romantically involved with Sokka intermittently throughout the series and remains fiercely independent against all odds.

    Voice actor: Jennie Kwan

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