Which Avenger Has The Best (Non-MCU) Filmography?

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Vote up the Avengers that have assembled the best collection of movies across their career.

You've seen the Avengers actors in other movies, but who has the most impressive filmography outside of the MCU? It's not an easy choice; after all, success in the Marvel movies has given many of these performers the opportunity to take on smaller, more personal projects on the side. It has additionally afforded a few of them the chance to headline more big-budget blockbusters. 

A notable element of the MCU is that some of its stars were already quite well-known before becoming Avengers. Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson, for instance, were household names who took on the job of portraying superheroes. Others, including Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth, were introduced to mass audiences primarily through the Marvel films. Regardless, the company has put a lot of care into casting performers who can really embody the beloved characters in a meaningful way.

The following Avengers have impressive non-MCU filmographies across the board. Whose is best? Start voting and let us know.