The Greatest Avengers Villains Of All Time

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The Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor had been fighting crime separately in the pages of Marvel Comics, each having their own share of enemies, but it wasn't until 1963 that they all finally assembled to face a common foe. Comic legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby united Earth's Mightiest Heroes to defeat the God of Mischief himself, Loki, in The Avengers #1, giving us the first official Avengers villain in Marvel history.

They worked so well together as a team that founding member, Ant-Man was the one who suggested honoring their excellent teamwork with an official team. Since then, they have saved the world from the likes of Thanos with his threatening Infinity Gaunlet, Ultron, and so many other adversaries that should definitely pop up in the movies at one point or another.

Here’s a list of Avengers villains that you can geek out to and nerd all over while you vote for your favorites. But which are the most threatening Avenger villains/bad guys? Do you prefer to see the team duke it out against the Masters of Evil, or do you enjoy seeing them against the likes of Kang the Conquerer?

Since they have one of the most popular movie franchises in movie history, even though they started in relative obscurity, everyone, at this point, pretty much knows the Avengers. Villains like Loki, who, if you remember, was the first Avengers enemy in the comics too, and Ultron, who will be their most powerful bad guy yet, have made it to the silver screen.

Here you’ll find everyone from the Avengers baddies you actually bought toys of, to that one random villain you didn’t even know was an enemy. This Avengers villains list also includes pictures in case you didn’t remember what some of these bad guys (and gals) even looked like.

Make sure to vote up all your favorite Avengers evildoers and vote down the ones you think aren't worth their time. Don't see the lowlifes you love to hate?

Most divisive: Norman Osborn
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