Which Awards Would It Be Coolest To Win?

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Vote up the awards you think it would be most fun and fulfilling to win.

No matter what your particular passion in life, odds are you're eyeing at least one of the world's most prestigious awards. After all, who among us doesn't want a little fame - or at least some recognition - for our achievements? Whether it be a Nobel Peace Prize or an Academy Award, you likely wouldn't turn down a little prestige to prominently display on a mantel or in a cabinet. Regardless of how awesome you know you are at any particular activity, a trophy, medal, or other physical accolade proves you're kinda the best at it. 

Here, you'll have a chance to vote on the best awards to win, from a selection of some of the most coveted trophies, medals, rings, and more from around the globe. Dream of a plaque welcoming you to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Have an Oscar acceptance speech ready for a screenplay you've yet to write? Want a MacArthur Genius Grant to both definitively prove your intellect and ensure your financial stability for the coming future? Which awards do you wish you had? 

While you may think the choice is easy, you may not realize the sheer magnitude of awards are out there. Browse this list closely and vote up the coolest awards! 

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  • Nobel Peace Prize
    298 votes

    Nobel Peace Prize

  • Medal Of Honor
    232 votes

    Medal Of Honor

  • Olympic Medal
    217 votes

    Olympic Medal

  • Academy Award
    238 votes

    Academy Award

  • Pulitzer Prize
    187 votes

    Pulitzer Prize

  • Presidential Medal Of Freedom
    169 votes

    Presidential Medal Of Freedom