20+ Hilarious Web Comics From Awkward Yeti That Get Way Too Real

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Since 2012, Nick Seluk has been making people laugh about themselves while trying to understand the phenomenon of the human body through his daily webcomic, The Awkward Yeti. The comic follows Lars, a "socially awkward Yeti," whose organs have minds of their own. It sounds weird, but after a strip or two, you'll totally get it. Brain is the smart and logical one, Heart is carefree and youthful, Tongue and Stomach work together to demands delicious things, and Lars just lives his daily life.

The Awkward Yeti started as a self-published kids book, but in 2012, Seluk started posting them online with a more adult theme. Seluk has released countless funny Awkward Yeti comics and books, as well as several spin-offs with Heart and Brain, in which "the characters were metaphorically inspired by the concept of Id, Ego, and Superego, represented by the heart, Lars, and the brain respectively." Check out the best webcomics from The Awkward Yeti, and see what you've been missing! Vote up your favorite daily comics below. 

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