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The Best Azula Character Quotes From 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

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As princess of the Fire Nation and the younger sister of Zuko, there are plenty of fiery Azula quotes that show off what an intimidating threat she was. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, she was manipulative, sadistic, and always knew when to give off a twisted one-liner. You may even be surprised to see some funny Azula quotes on this list, proving that she wasn't solely a monster. She even makes an attempt to flirt. The best Azula quotes are an example of how the show can be so emotionally dynamic.

She may not have been in as many episodes as Aang, Katara, and Sokka, but Azula left her mark on the beloved series. What do you think the best Azula quotes of all time are? Vote up the ones that set your heart aflame.

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    Your Whole History

    Azula: I can see your whole history in your eyes. You were born with nothing. So you've had to struggle and connive and claw your way to power. But true power, the divine right to rule, is something you're born with. The truth is: they don't know which one of us is going to be sitting down on that throne, and which of us is going to be bowing down. But I know, and you know.

    Long Feng: You've beaten me at my own game.

    Azula: Don't flatter yourself, you were never even a player.

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    I Was A Monster

    Azula: My own mother thought I was a monster... She was right of course, but it still hurt.

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    An Only Child

    Azula: I'm about to celebrate becoming an only child!

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    A Pretty Good Liar

    Azula: Are you sure? I'm a pretty good liar. I am a 400 foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings.

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