The Best B-Horror Movies On Netflix

B-movie horror is the fast food of film, and this list of the best B-horror movies on Netflix is like a menu, one voted on by fans of schlock cinema. These B rated horror movies streaming on Netflix aren't good for you, but they're so bad they become good. For a quick fix of silly, splattery fun, Netflix has all manner of options. This list of Netflix B-horror movies will help you find just the right silly B-movie for your spooky needs.

Netflix Instant boasts such absurdly funny terrors and everything in between. If you’re afraid of the dark, never fear! These best B-movie horror movies on Netflix won’t make you jump out of your seat in fright, but rather fall to the floor in convulsions of laughter. Whether intentionally “bad” or not, all these movies ranked by viewers like you show a commitment to entertainment that is sure to complete an evening of sugary drinks and greasy take-out.

Vote up your favorites, vote down the ones that aren't even ironically fun, and if you're an expert, rerank to share your own list of Netflix's best B-horror movies.

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