The Best Baby Shoe Brands

There's nothing cuter than itty-bitty, teeny-tiny baby shoes. When it comes to dressing your infant, nothing is really ever good enough. That's why we've created this list of best baby shoe brands for your cuddly kid's cute baby feet. 

Baby shoes aren't only adorable, they're also practical. While it's important to let your baby develop his or her balance and walking ability on bare feet, baby shoes are super important if your baby is going to be in a place where he or she could step on something hot, cold, bumpy, or sharp. In those circumstances, shoes are the best way to protect tiny infant feet. 

Naturally, big name designers and brands like Michael Kors, Nike, and Converse offer shoe styles that we already love in little baby sizes. There's nothing cuter than a baby boy or baby girl in baby Chuck Taylors! And smaller brands like Elephantito and Livie & Luca specialize in clothing and shoes for little ones, so you know all of their offerings are adorable. 

Whether it's your first, second, or tenth, you're always going to love your baby's shoes. So pick wisely, and check out our list of best baby shoes brands before you go shopping! Vote up the brand that makes you say "awwww" the most!

Photo: flickr / CC0
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