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The Best Backpacking Foods

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List of the best backpacking foods, as ranked by food lovers and backpackers. When you’re serious about backpacking, whether it’s just for a hike or for long European travels, you know that keeping food on your person at all time is important. If you’re in the middle of a hike there won’t be a market to pick any food up. Not to mention it can be dangerous not to eat a snack when your blood sugar is low and your head feels light. Keeping backpack-friendly foods on you during a backpacking trip may actually save your life. Fast to eat and light to carry foods and snacks are essential for any backpacking adventure, long or short.

The foods on this list don’t need any preparation to eat and won’t go bad after a long trip. These foods are safe to take on a trip without fear of missing out on the nutrients you need to stay healthy on a backpacking trip. Either pre-packaged or easy to prepare and put into Tupperware, the foods on this list are sure to be perfect on any type of trip.

What are the best backpacking foods? This list features the top foods to take with you during a backpacking trip. If your favorite backpacking food isn't on the list of best fods for backpacking, make sure to add it.