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All the Backstreet Boys, Ranked

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Who is the best Backstreet Boy? Which one did you and your friends fight over, in a strange alternate universe where 12-year-old you actually had a shot? It's time to rank all five Backstreet Boys members from best to Howie. "But I can't decide between bad boy AJ and baby-faced Nick!" That's okay, vote them both up! On this best Backstreet Boys list, the world is your late '90s/early 2000s pop music oyster.

Should you vote based on who has the best singing voice? Who had the best dance moves? Who looked the coolest wearing a wireless mic on stage? Who was the hottest? All these things are important to consider when ranking BSB. Did you go on the Backstreet Boys cruise? Maybe you have intel from that experience that will play into who gets your upvotes, but whether it's AJ, Nick, Kevin, Brian, or even Howie (who was probably just trying his hardest, let's give him a break), just belt out the line "I want it thaaaaAaaAaAAaaaat way," click rerank, and live your best life.

Quit playing games with the boys' hearts, and vote up the all around best member of the Backstreet Boys below.