13 Backyard Water Toys That Are Sure To Keep The Kiddos Busy (For A Few Mins, At Least)
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13 Backyard Water Toys That Are Sure To Keep The Kiddos Busy (For A Few Mins, At Least)

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The dog days of summer are finally here, and as states across the country start easing up stay-at-home restrictions, most kids (and adults) are just itching to go outside. If you're looking for a few fun and creative ways to help keep the little ones occupied, we've rounded up some of the coolest and most OG backward water toys we could find. 

You don't need a pool to stay cool this summer. From giant inflatable dinosaur sprinklers to portable kiddie pools and even a few ultra-powerful water guns thrown in for good measure, check out some of the coolest backyard water toys to help you cool off while keeping your cool.

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  • Super Soaker Bazooka Blaster
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Start summer off with a blast with a Super Soaker bazooka. After all, why would you want to use a dinky squirt gun when you can pick use a giant rocket launcher instead?

    From reviewer Peter Wettergreen:

    The stream from the Fortnite Blaster is very strong and steady. No reservoir so it is a load and shoot squirt gun. Strong durable construction. The handles are not sealed and will hold water but it runs out quickly.

    13 votes
  • Super Powerful Water Gun Blaster
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Why bring a dinky single-barreled NERF gun to water gun fight when this baby's only $20? Unlike those water guns of yesteryear that only shot a few feet, this baby totes a firing range up to 32 feet. All the neighborhood kids will be super envious.

    From Amazon reviewer Frank H. Tano

    This is essentially a Nerf Super Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast clone, that abandoned the lightup water tank gimmick.

    12 votes
  • Ginormous Inflatable Dinosaur Sprinkler
    Photo: Amazon

    There are dozens of inflatable animal sprinklers on the web, but the fact that this dinosaur one actually shoots water from its nostrils really tickled our fancy. After all, nothing says summer quite like a giant inflatable dinosaur sprinkler.

    From Amazon reviewer Michael:

    Awesome product! Quick & easy to setup if you have an air pump. Comes with [a] small patch. Multiple water streams shoot wide and far! It is pricey for what it is - same quality as an inflatable pool float.

    21 votes
  • Trampoline Sprinkler
    Photo: Amazon

    The words "trampoline" and "wet" usually don't go hand in hand, but this one comes with its own safety net that ensures all those slip 'n slides stay inside the mat.

    From Amazon reviewer The Amazing Caffeiney!

    Works great for cooling off the trampoline, but dragging the entire 20 foot trampoline around the yard to water the grass evenly is a pain in the neck!

    14 votes
  • Bunch O Balloons (100 To Be Exact)
    Photo: Amazon

    Because no summer is complete without a no-holds-barred balloon fight, this baby comes with 100 total water balloons. In other words, enough to last two full minutes.

    From Amazon reviewer MN Mom:

    Whoever invented this should get a medal!!!! Remember all the time spend by the faucet filling and tying each little water balloon??? Well, no more! These fill up SO FAST and no hassle

    8 votes
  • AquaPod Water Bottle Rocket Launcher
    Photo: Amazon

    OK so the words 'learning' and 'summer' don't usually go hand in hand, but we gotta admit this rocket launcher is pretty cool.

    From Amazon reviewer Alicia Jardine:

    I teach 9th grade physical science and I purchased 2 of these launchers to use for my unit on rocketry. The kids absolutely loved making water bottle rockets. I taught them how to make the bottles aerodynamic with nosecones and fins and they loved being creative and designing their own rockets. 

    11 votes