The Best Bad Bunny Songs Of All Time

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We're ranking the greatest Bad Bunny songs of all time across his entire discography. Indisputably one of the top reggaetón artists worldwide, the Puerto Rican trap singer never ceases to produce fuego content for our ears. Bad Bunny's fusion of latino hip-hop with alternative pop and bachata led to a fanbase of billions of listeners with sold out stadium tours and countless accolades, including two Grammys and eight Billboard Music Awards. The multi-talented rapper's signature sound remains a popular choice for musicians' collaborative verses, including Cardi B's “I Like It” and Dua Lipa's "UN DIA (ONE DAY)." Some of the industry GOAT's hottest singles include “MIA (feat. Drake),” "LA CANCIÓN (with J Balvin)," "Callaita (with Tainy)," “Moscow Mule,” and "Party (with Rauw Alejandro)."

From his new and latest music to his older popular songs, this Bad Bunny playlist features all of his greatest hits, according to the fans. Which of your favorite Bad Bunny songs crack the top 10, and how do they level up against the rest of his tracks? Vote up the best songs by Bad Bunny, and don't forget to show his underrated singles love as well.

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  • LA CANCIÓN (with J Balvin)

    LA CANCIÓN (with J Balvin)

    39 votes
  • Un Coco

    Un Coco

    7 votes
  • La Difícil

    La Difícil

    13 votes
  • Moscow Mule

    Moscow Mule

    30 votes
  • Efecto


    20 votes
  • Soy Peor

    Soy Peor

    18 votes