The Most Entertaining Awful Shark Horror Movies

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Vote up the most ridiculously funny & violent shark terror films. No well-made cinematic masterpieces (i.e. no Jaws).

This list is not the best shark movies—it's the opposite of that. While the Discovery Channel has been airing Shark Week since 1988, studios have been producing objectively awful low-budget shark movies for much longer. Think Sharknado was the beginning of the craze? Try a little Oscar-winner called Jaws, which became the first-ever summer blockbuster when it hit theaters in 1975. On the heels (tail fins?) of its success, studios the world over churned out one crappy shark horror film after another. They didn't care whether or not they had the budget for high-quality effects (they didn't), a visionary director (nope), or even a story that made sense (pshh). What they had was TEETH! And BLOOD! And SEXY TEENAGERS GETTING IMPALED BY THE SHARK'S TENTACLES OR WHATEVER!

Have you spent a lot of time watching campy shark films on SyFy? What do you look for in a shark terror movie? While some may want highly suspenseful set-ups wherein boaters may be able to escape—if only they don't make any dumb decisions—others are looking for supremely impossible hybrid shark beasts that slaughter their victims in creative ways... even their victims who are indoors, several miles inland, maybe just inspecting the pipes of their own kitchen sinks. (Spoiler: That happens in Ghost Shark.) Still other audiences may want great carefully-selected casts who are performing simply for the love of the genre, not because they need the money (like seasoned thespian Carmen Electra in 2-Headed Shark Attack) or because no one else will hire them (Brooke Hogan, same film).

Do you prefer goofy plasticky models or insanely lazy and childish CGI sharks? Do you want a complicated storyline that involves one guy demanding that some other guy close the beaches, but the second guy won't because of all that $$$? Do you prefer your sharks to be science experiments gone wrong or just some enormous, natural supposedly-extinct monsters that have been hiding at the bottom of the ocean for millions of years? Do you even care, as long as there's screaming and blood? This list includes both wide releases and made-for-TV shark movies, including those marvelous suckfests in SyFy's Maneater Series. Vote up your favorite terrible shark horror films, and click "rank your version" below to make your own list.

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