The Best Competitive Baking Shows Ever Made

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It’s almost impossible to turn on a television these days and not find a reality television program of some sort, especially a cooking competition. One of the many popular sub-genres of the competitive reality cooking show are baking competition shows. These are programs made to challenge people’s skills at baking against one another to claim their place in the annals of television history!

Many of these competitions involve taking professionals who work every day in the field, but some do include talented home baking enthusiasts. Whatever their skill level, baking competition shows force contestants to create amazing works of edible art that make us watching at home feel wholly inadequate in comparison. After all, what good is a two-layer marble cake that took three hours to bake when someone on TV manages to create 1,000 cupcakes in the same amount of time? Watching people bake is something the whole world seems to enjoy, with the UK (The Great British Bake Off ), the US (The American Baking Competition) and even Australia (Zumbo's Just Desserts) spending time in the kitchen.

There truly are tons of examples of this genre, but not all baking competition shows are as delicious as the objects they create. There’s so much to choose from, but there are a few series that are considerably better than others thanks to the intense competition found in each episode. This list highlights the very best reality TV shows in the baking competition genre by focusing solely on competitive baking - shows that center around cooking, but not necessarily baking aren’t listed. Don't forget to vote up your favorite while you’re here!