The Best Ballet Shoe Brands for Dancers

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The art of ballet would be nowhere without the beautiful ballet shoe. Whether you're just starting your practice, or if you're a prima ballerina, the perfect ballet shoe can make all the difference when it comes to your jetés and relevés. That's exactly why we've put together this list of best ballet shoe brands. 

When looking for a standard soft ballet shoe, you'll have to pick between leather, canvas, or satin material, based on what they will be used for. For example, since satin wears quickly, those are usually just worn during performances. If you have graduated into dancing en pointe, you'll have a number of decisions to make when it comes to the box (the enclosure at the top of the foot), the sole, and the shank (which supports the arch) of the shoe.  

While you've most likely heard of the big name brands like Bloch, Capezio, and Sansha, there are a number of obscure and international brands like Wear Moi and Principal that create beautiful ballet shoes and pointe ballet shoes that are popular with girl and boy dancers alike. Because there are numerous options and brands, dancers will often cycle through ballet shoe brands until they determine a fit and look that they love. 

Before you purchase your next ballet shoe, take a look at our list of best ballet shoes brands. You never know what your new favorite brand may be unless you try them. Vote up the brand that makes you feel like the prima ballerina you long to be. 

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