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The Best BANDAI NAMCO RPGs Of All Time

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BANDAI NAMCO is the go-to place to find amazing role-playing games and action RPGs, and you might be surprised to learn just what franchises the company has churned out over the years. With games like Tales of Symphonia, Ni No Kuni, and SCARLET NEXUS, these are just a couple of the incredible franchises BANDAI NAMCO has released in the past 15+ years.

This list features the very best RPG franchises to come from the global publisher, and they are also some of the best role-playing games ever produced. Take a look at the BANDAI NAMCO RPGs listed down below, and be sure to vote up your favorites before you head back to your favorite console or PC to fire up one of these amazing titles for the thousandth time! And don't forget to check out SCARLET NEXUS, played best on Xbox Series X!

  • Platform(s): PlayStation 3 | Nintendo Wii

    Released: 2009

    Series: Tales

    Details: Tales of Graces is one of the core titles in the Tales series. It is set within the world of Ephinea and centers around the main character, Asbel Lhant. As a child, Asbel becomes friends with an amnesiac girl and even witnesses her death, but seven years later, the girl is back!

    The game (like most in the Tales series) was incredibly popular upon release. It spawned four manga collections, eight drama CDs, and a novel series, all of which were based on the game.

  • Platform(s): PC | PlayStation 3 | PlayStation 4 | Nintendo Switch

    Released: 2011

    Series: Ni no Kuni

    Details: Ni No Kuni: Dominion Of The Dark Djinn is a beautifully rendered RPG developed for the Nintendo DS, and while it's an amazing game, it doesn't translate as well to modern consoles as one might hope. Fortunately, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch solves that problem by bringing the game to a new generation!

    Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is essentially a remake of the original NDS title released in 2010. Numerous elements are expanded upon for the new release such that it plays like an entirely new game. If you played the original, don't pass this one by because it's a beautiful homage to its predecessor.

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    Platform(s): PC | PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 5 | Xbox One  | Xbox Series X | Series S

    Released: 2021


    Details: Dive into the world of SCARLET NEXUS where, in the distant future, a psionic hormone is discovered that gives people extra-sensory powers. This "brain punk" future is also being plagued by Others that are trying to eat the brains of human citizens. You will control Kasane Randall or Yuito Sumeragi as a member of the Other Suppression Force (OSF) in an effort to protect the country of New Himuka.

    You can upgrade your chosen hero's psychokinesis abilities by accessing the character's skill tree known in game as the "brain map." You'll be stunned not only by the beauty of the game's graphics, but also by its in-depth storytelling as you battle stronger and even more powerful Others. Your character will also encounter allies with their own unique abilities which you'll be able to utilize in combat through the "brain link" ability.

  • Platform(s): PlayStation 2

    Released: 2004

    Series: .hack

    Details: Part 4 of the video game franchise have the characters continue their search for Mia in what is deemed as the final chapter. You'll meet new character and be challenged by daunting enemies. Another great feature this game has to offer is that you can bring over your saved data from .hack Outbreak. This will allow you to start Quarantine without feeling like you're starting from scratch.

    If all of that is not enough to excite you. The game also contains the .hack//GIFT OVA!