The Best Musical Groups Featuring Brothers, Ranked

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Here are the greatest bands and groups featuring brothers. The family that plays together stays together. A lot of bands have trouble filling out the ranks. How many times have you seen an ad stapled to a pole asking for people to come audition? You never know what you might get at these auditions, but when you hire a family member to play with your band, you at least know what you're getting into. Plenty of brothers have gotten together to make hit songs. Bands with brothers are some of the biggest musical acts in the world, and you may be surprised to learn who is related.

If you grew up in the late 90s, then you know who Hanson is. The rock/pop group dove headfirst into superstardom with their hit song, "MMMBop." The band is made up of Isaac Hanson on guitar, piano, and bass. Taylor Hanson is on guitar, drums and piano. Finally, Zac Hanson takes the piano and drums. And all three of them handle vocals. These singing brothers knew what America wanted to hear, and they more than delivered. Other popular brother bands include Oasis, Jonas Brothers, Bee Gees, and Good Charlotte.

Hanson is only the beginning. This brother bands list contains solely groups that have at least two brothers in the mix. Which ones do you like best?

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