The Best Sister Bands & Musical Groups, Ranked

Here are the greatest bands and groups featuring sisters. Many sisters are each other's best friends. They teach each other important life lessons and are there for one another when times are tough. All of these experiences occasionally manifest in the form of songs the sisters perform together. They go on to perform this music in front of crowds, and they go on to tour around the world. There are many bands with sisters being the primary members of the group. Which acts do you find yourself listening to constantly?

Haim has made a big splash in the indie pop scene. The band consists of three sisters: Este, Alana, and Danielle as well as their drummer, Dash Hutton. However, they are far from the only band containing singing sisters. Heart is famously made up of Nancy and Ann Wilson while Dixie Chicks consists of Martie Maguire and Emily Robison, who have also performed without Natalie Maines in the group Court Yard Hounds. Other popular sister bands include Tegan and Sara, The Bangles, The Veronicas, and All Saints.

People better watch out at family reunions or else the wrong kind of drama will make its way into a hit song. Which of these sister singing groups do you like most? Now is your chance to show these ladies some love by voting up your favorite bands. 

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