The Best Bands for Drowning Out Noise Around You

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Bands whose music is just perfect for listening to inside your own headphones, not hearing the noises around you that you cannot get away from.

Your coworkers are great. So are the strangers at your local coffee shop. But sometimes you just want some peace and quiet. In this modern era of open office plans and screenwriters toiling at each and every Starbucks, you need to know which bands are the best for drowning out all the chitchat and noisy business around you. Luckily, the bands on this list are making the music you are looking for.

Some of these bands make good white noise because they are basically just shouting in time (roughly) with the music (pounding drums), and good luck to anyone trying to get your attention. Other good bands for concentration soothe you with heavenly harmonies, but are singing with enough passion that you can't hear Stacey going on about her drive into the office. Other bands just have a lot going on, like Mumford and Sons. How many instruments can you hear in that lion song (the famous one; you've heard it)? Lots, but what you won't hear is the voice of the person sitting next to you.

Maybe you have found that '90s throwback music like 'N Sync and Destiny's Child is a great way to zone out. Let Justin Timberlake's beat box solo in "Pop" wash over you, sparing you from that girl at the counter ordering a coffee drink that is really just a cup full of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Or, perhaps you like the upbeat tempos and anthem-y modern rock of the band Fun. It's okay that the one guy is dating Lena Dunham. You don't need to worry about that right now.

What bands do you listen to at work, on the bus, or just any place where you have to be near a lot of other people? Upvote them below, or add them if they aren't yet listed. Do you sometimes wish everyone would just hush? Should we all move to the woods and get back to basics? That really might do the trick. In the meantime, cast your votes below for the top bands with layered and loud music to drown out just anything at all.
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