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The Best Bands Like Tool

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Looking for more bands like Tool? It's so hard to put them into a single genre, as the Los Angeles-based rock band has a very experimental sound. However, there are many other alternative metal bands that can come close to scratching the same itch that Tool does. Let's rank the best bands similar to Tool, with the help of your votes. Although their last album 10,000 Days came out in 2006, fans are excited for a new Tool album that is on the horizon, possibly slated for a 2019 release.

People often compare Tool to A Perfect Circle, a rock supergroup which features the voals of Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan. Their most recent album, Eat the Elephant (2017), was praised as being a solid comeback album for a band that had taken a lengthy hiatus . Other bands similar to Tool include Karnivool, Puscifer, and Porcupine Tree, a solid progressive metal band from England.

These Tool band recommendations are ranked by your votes, so show some love to the bands you think other fans should check out. Feel free to downvote any bands as well if you feel they aren't similar enough to Tool.