The Best Bangs That Ever Existed on Television

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Don't just upvote your favorite characters, vote based on how great their bangs are.

Television characters have brought us some truly memorable hairstyles. There was "The Rachel" and of course, Topanga Lawrence of Boy Meets World, or as Corey once described her, "the hair with the girl attached." But in order to make this list, these TV characters can't just have great hair, they've got to have truly excellent and impressive bangs.

Bangs are a life choice. Some people can pull them off and some people really, really can't. Every TV character on this list – from any era, and any gender – is seriously killing it in the bangs department. From Beaver Cleaver's boy bangs, to Peggy Bundy's full fringe, this list features the most famous bangs in television history.

Upvote the best bangs below and be sure to see which of your favorite film characters are making bangs work in their own special ways as well.