The Best Banjo Brands

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List of banjo brands that include the most reliable and best sounding models available. Popular Banjo brands include those from major manufacturers of musical instruments, including Gibson, Fender, Deering Banjo Company and more. The best banjos are generally the heaviest banjos--these make a better sound. Banjo makers know this and design their instruments accordingly.

Today there are many top-quality banjos made in the USA. There are also plenty of inexpensive banjos made in China, Taiwan and Korea. Although the craftsmanship of American-made banjos is usually higher quality, you can buy great banjo instruments from overseas manufacturers as well. Generally, the best-sounding and best-playing new American-made banjos start at around $2,000 USD. There are also good banjos to learn on that cost substantially less than that.

So what are the best banjos and best banjo companies? It's a matter of personal preference. Size and weight of neck, good workmanship and shape of body all have an affect on the banjos sound. Users looking for a new banjo will want to research a variety of different brands and names to find the one that best suits their needs, based on quality and features.
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