The Best Banjo Players in the World

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From folk, to bluegrass, and even jazz, the banjo is a popular stringed instrument used in many genres of music. These best banjo players in the world include popular musicians like Marcus Mumford as well as lesser known banjo players who are still some of the best in the world. Who are the best living banjo players today?

The banjo is a four or five string instrument, similar to a guitar, but with a circular frame. Banjos were originally played by Africans in Colonial America. Along with the fiddle, the banjo is the most common instrument used in old-time music, as well as country, bluegrass, and folk music.

The greatest banjoists living and playing today are from different genres but are all greatly adept at their instrument. These best banjoists in the world have the ability to execute flawless music whether its a rehearsed piece or something improvised. These musicians often helped define their respective musical genres, and some of the great living banjo players on this list teach banjo to a new generation of musicians as well.

The best banjo players currently active are from all over the world and include musicians like Bela Fleck, Abigail Washburn, Frank Fairfield, and Jimmy Mazzy. To become one of the best banjo players in the world takes great commitment, a strong work ethic, and dedication. Cast your votes for the best living banjo players below.

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