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The Best Bank for Recent College Grads

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As a recent graduate, you’ve got enough on your plate with moving expenses, apartment deposits, setting up utilities, finding a job, and starting to pay off your student loans. The last thing you need is a hassle from your bank. This list is made up of the top money-saving banks and credit unions that can help you stretch your budget. Bank accounts for college students often terminate benefits when you graduate, so it’s a good time to shop the best bank account features to save you time and money. These free checking and savings accounts offer some helpful perks, like discounts for setting up auto-debit, electronic payment for your student loan payments, and speedy payment features like direct deposit. 

In addition to saving you money, these top ranked banks and credit unions can save new graduates time and stress. Some of the banks are brick and mortar, but many are online banks, which means you can do your banking 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Photo check deposit and free check image storage will keep you from drowning in paper, and will also save you a trip to the bank. Set up electronic bill pay for free, and eliminate one more hassle. The best banks for recent college grads are geared toward an online lifestyle, and help you manage your finances on your own terms. With linked free checking and savings accounts, you can skip overdraft fees in case you ever make a mistake. More importantly, these top banks help you keep track of everything, so mistakes don’t happen.   

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