The Best Bank Robbery Movies

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Bank robbery or heist must be the central theme of the movie.

The greatest bank robbery films are filled with action and suspense, and this movie list is a round-up of the best of the genre. Some of the top bank heist movies are among the top movies of all time, and some of the most entertaining to boot. If you enjoy seeing the bad guys do what they do best, good bank robbery films are perfect for you.

From the amazing car chase scenes of The Italian Job to the intense police scrutiny of Inside Man, there's something for every action movie lover in bank robbery movies. Even if you just want to see Keanu Reeves and some tasty waves, there's a movie on the best heist movies list that will make you want to rob a bank just to be as cool as these characters.

What are the best bank robbery movies of all time? These are films in which a bank robbery is the central theme. If your favorite bank heist movie is missing from the greatest bank robbery film list, make sure to add it yourself. What's the best heist film? This genre includes other sub-genres such as heists of the mind, vaults, or casinoes. The bank robbery, and especially crime in general has been a staple of storytelling in film since the silent era. The movies on this list represent all types of bank robbery films including comedy, action, and suspense. Suffice to say, these are the top, most successful bank robbery films of all time.

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