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The Most Delicious Bar & Pub Foods, Ranked

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What do you like to eat when you're pounding drinks? This is a list of the best bar food, as ranked by bar dwellers and food aficionados. Going to the local pub with your best friends on a Friday night after work is often the best part of the week. There you can enjoy a frosty beer, delicious dinner, and the company of a bar filled with people. Pub grub doesn’t get quite the recognition it serves. The average pub’s menu is filled with comfort foods that not only taste good but make you feel good. Often the foods served in bars are simple and on the salty side because they’re designed to sell beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

The bar foods on this list are great companions to your refreshing alcoholic beverage of choice. However, even if you don’t enjoy drinking alcohol, you will definitely still love the pub food that’s offered by the average bar. While these foods aren’t always the healthiest, they’re often the tastiest. Some are fried, some are grilled, but all are delicious.

This list answers the question “What are the best foods found in bars and pubs?” No matter what sort of food you prefer, there’s sure to be something in a bar menu that you love. If your favorite bar food isn't on the list of best bar foods, make sure to add it.